Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sad Gross Story of the Week!

o.k. I'm not going to start with something so bad that you well... might upchuck! o.k so i go to school with this girl i wouldn't call her a friend more of an acquaintance. So she went paint balling with her brother and dad and she went to get more paint balls (yes i said balls) from the car she wasn't totally done in the car her hand was still in the car in the spot where it latches her brother slammed the door on her hand. She had her gloves on and everything. So when she got her hand out of the door the glove was stuck to the door latch part with some skin. Well she was thinking that it was just the top layer right so she took off her glove and........ all the skin was riped off down to the bone. Ya gross!!

Well i hope you liked it if not leave me some stories in my cbox!

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