Monday, May 25, 2009

Stuck in a rut filled with cement!!

So I'm kinda stuck on what else to put on my blog. i know i want to keep putting sad gross stories up but I'm running out of them.... well actually I'm out of them, and i want to keep putting up my little stick figure like girls but I'm running out of ideas for them too. So what I've decided to do is have you (the people who come and view random crap) to send me ideas of what to draw with my little stick figure girls. and some of your own sad gross stories. You know what they don't even have to be sad they can just be gross or they can just be funny or whatever you like. So here's what i need you to do:
  1. Step 1: Email me at
  2. Step 2: Tell me you idea for one of my little girl comics. Or your story...
  3. Step 3: Now if you send me a story you would like me to post i will need all of the details to make the story hilarious. Also if you like your name to be said in the post let me know. Also if you don't want your name in the post. This also works if this is someone close to you and they don"t want there name said in the post. I will do the whole *the names in this post have been changed to keep them safe from all those crazy people out there* you know something like that.
  4. Step 4: If you send me a comic idea and you want your name to be on it somewhere you know like * this comic was inspired by.......* you know that old chestnut.

Now I'd like to thank you for your time. Ha ha just kidding! But not really!!!!

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Anonymous said...

how about someone who is having a nightmare that even though school is out for everyone else, they are stuck going to summer school!