Sunday, September 6, 2009

Peaches has two moms so what????

Yes i do have two mom's. So if you have a problem with that you can just take a long walk off a short pier. So logically I am big on the whole equal rights thing.
So we just moved from the west coast to the east coast, and it seems to me that people on the west coast are a little bit more open about people being gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual. So far, being back east I have had two very strange convo's with people.

CONVO # 1: ( My step- mom Joyce is on the phone with people from the school district.)

" Yes hello i would like to enroll my kids in school." -Joyce
" What are your kids names?" -Mean school lady
"Peaches and Stooge. Peaches will be 10th and Stooge will be 8th." -Joyce
" Well it shows here that there legal parent is Shirley." -Mean school lady
" Yes, and I'm there step-mom." -Joyce
" Oh. And how does that work? Who do they reside with?" -Mean school lady
" Both of us." -Joyce
" At 108 blueberry lane ( Yes right next to the muffin man.)" -Mean school lady
" Yes that is correct." -Joyce
"Oh well..... ummm uh ok...... let me uh get a packet out to you." -Mean school lady

And then the biznitch scheduled us 2 weeks later.

CONVO # 2: (Me talking to my English teacher. Mrs. Blondie Blond)
Now for this story to make sense for you guys you will need to know all the info. that was on the paper........well not all but just some. Like how it has the same house phone number and same address for both my mom and step-mom.

" OH uh Mrs. Blondie Blond i have all my student info. forms for you." -Peaches
"Oh thank you." - Mrs. Blondie Blond
" Yup you welcome." -Peaches
" Oh it says here that your step-mom is in the area.'' -Mrs Blondie Blond
''...................Yeah." ( Giving her a questioning look.) -Peaches
" Does she live pretty close?" -
Mrs Blondie Blond
'' Yeah I'd say so." -Peaches
" Well thats nice that she can live so close and they can get along." -Mrs Blondie Blond
'' Yeah.................'' -Peaches ( And the whole time this convo was going on i was thinking to myself is this lady for real? Did she even read the papers?)

Wounder how long it will take her to figure it out? Maybe I should make a poll about it... (check the side-bar)

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